His music is timeless with this traditional folk sound. His songs are serene and easy going but carry this aura of deep emotion and natural sound.” - Brandon Kruze

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The Waters That Bind is an album that highlights Adam’s captivating storytelling and musical talent. It combines lively melodies and introspective tunes to create a perfect blend of energy and reflection. The result is an emotionally powerful musical journey that will resonate with listeners.” - Jenna Melanson

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One gets the impression that Ruzzo is in dialogue with his audience and that his time onstage is as much about his listening to and observing them as it is about their listening to him. This ability to conduct the audience is rare even among great performers; Michael Stipe has it; Springsteen has it; Adam Ruzzo has it too.” - Katrina Boguski

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After leaving the city life to build and live in an off grid cabin, Adam Ruzzo has since become a wandering troubadour who has performed and collaborated all across Canada, ever seeking to capture the authentic essence of stories and sense of place in his music. He also finds inspiration in wild landscapes, and musically aims to breathe new life into these seldom-seen and silent places.

Musically, Adam’s diverse influences and experience has made him something of a stylistic shape-shifter. Both a prize winning Classical Guitarist with a Master's degree in Music Performance and over ten years of singing for audiences in bars and intimate venues around Canada, he is at home in composing instrumental music, singing folk songs, sitting in on traditional Irish sessions or rocking out with an electric guitar. His instrumental guitar music dedicated to Algonquin Park in Canada led him to be a guest speaker for a Tedx Talk and his original folk music music has charted on Campus and Community Radio across Canada for the past several years. 

Adam continually pushes the envelope with his compositions and songs. He keeps one foot firmly rooted in the influences of traditional folk with artists like Stan Rogers and Daoirí Farrell, while also going blue ocean into the realm of electric guitar soundscapes, instrumental soundtrack and folk/rock fusion. Lately, Adam has been performing on Expedition Cruises in the high Canadian Arctic and is gearing up to create his boldest project yet: an original album that blends several genres, coupled with his own video footage from Ancient places around Europe.


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