Welcome :-)

Welcome to my site! Have fun exploring around! 

Right now I'm currently performing at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, and working on my new CD called Northwest. I'm planning to do a little tour in April of Ontario and Western Canada. Stay tuned!

If you are looking to book me for a wedding/event, this site of mine is more helpful: www.muskokaweddingmusic.com

Banjo and Fiddle Session! 

A little clip from a recording session for my upcoming CD called Northwest. These two guys rocked! Meet Matt Elwood on banjo and Ben Plotnick on the fiddle :-) Very honoured to have these two as a part of my project.

Happily Dazed & Confused 

A whole lotta recording love happening these days. It's not so much the recording that burns you out, it's the editing on the computer. But it's gotta be done. I need to go outside :-/

The new CD Northwest is a step closer to being done, but there's a lot of recording still to happen. Here are some pics from the recent session :-)

The wizard behind the curtain, Mr. John MacLean!
"Uhhh... what's going on John?"

It's all making me a little queezy. Respect to those who do this work on the musicians behalf!

Gettin 'er Done 

Hard at work facebooking and youtubing cat videos while surrounded by some of the finest recording gear on earth. I may have also spent 10 hours editing some recently recorded material too! Things are starting to come together for Northwest. And cat videos are sweet.

Recording Next Week! 

This is it! I'm practicing like crazy and excited about how the songs are sounding!

This is a shot of me engulfing a harmonica :-) Note my baby Chestnut tree keeping me company.

Hittin the Studio 

So i'm recording a solo CD with me SINGING this time! It's called Northwest, and is about my experiences travelling and living in Saskatchewan, BC, Yukon and NWT. I'll keep the updates coming! I'm really excited about this cd!

Here's a pic of me laying down the guitar tracks :-)


There are no upcoming events right now.